BORIS is a free and open-source software, and is released under the GNU General Public License.

The current stable version of BORIS is 4.0.3
You may read the user guide or view some video tutorials before starting to use BORIS.


Due to a modification of the project format the projects created with this new version (4+) will not be suitable for older version (3.60 and previous).
The projects created with previous versions can be opened with the v. 4+. BORIS will convert the old project to the new format and save a copy of original project.

Please acknowledge and cite the use of this software and its authors when results are used in publications or published elsewhere:
DOI: 10.1111/2041-210X.12584

If you find BORIS useful, please send me a nice postcard of the place where do you live (See about page).
The BORIS version number is intended as a decimal number.

The integrity of downloaded files can be verified using the SHA-256 checksums.

Please report all bugs and suggestions!

BORIS App for mobile devices

The BORIS App is available
Be careful! This version should be considered as an ALPHA version only for testing.

This app is designed for live observations and runs on Android using the Kivy launcher

Some screenshots of BORIS App are available.

BORIS App v. 0.2.1

BORIS App user guide
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Linux DEB package

Run from sources

1) If you want to run BORIS from sources you must have Python 3.4+, PyQt5 for Python3, VLC, FFmpeg and matplotlib installed.
You can also install Graphviz but it is not required.

If not already installed, you can install it following the instructions relative to your distribution:
Open a terminal and type:
2) Extract the archive: boris-4.0.3.src.tar.bz2 - 2017-05-24 ~ 5 Mb

3) Copy an executable version of ffmpeg in the directory where source code was extracted. See FFmpeg Static Builds for Linux page

4) Launch the script with Python 3.
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This version include VLC and FFmpeg, is available in 32-bit or 64-bit versions.

BORIS for Windows Setup

32-bit BORIS for Windows Setup
64-bit BORIS for Windows Setup
The default install path is located in your home directory (for example c:\users\joe\BORIS)

BORIS for Windows Portable

32-bit BORIS for Windows Portable
64-bit BORIS for Windows Portable
The Portable version do not need installation and can be used from an USB drive. Just extract the archive and launch boris.exe

If you are using an old version of Windows (<10) and have problem launching BORIS, you have to install the Update for Universal C Runtime in Windows
Read the troubleshooting page for details.

BORIS debugging version

64-bit BORIS for Windows (portable version)
Use this version if you want to report bug. In this case you should include screenshots or copy of the terminal output.
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Mac OS X

This version include VLC and FFmpeg, is available only in 64-bit version

BORIS for Mac OS X

64-bit BORIS for Mac OS X

Sources (all platforms)

boris-4.0.3.src.tar.bz2 - 2017-05-24 ~ 5 Mb

GitHub repository
To run BORIS from sources you must have Python 3.4+ installed, PyQt5 for Python3, VLC, FFmpeg and matplotlib installed.
You can also install Graphviz but it is not required.
Extract the archive, copy an executable of ffmpeg for your system in the extracted "src" directory and launch script with Python 3.4+

VirtualBox Virtual Appliances

If your computer is not too old (RAM >= 4 Gb) and if you have VirtualBox installed on your system you can test BORIS using a virtual OS (Linux Lubuntu) without modifying your system. Just download the Lubuntu BORIS virtual appliance.ova file from the BORIS archive (~ 3.2 Gb), extract and import it with Virtualbox.

Launch BORIS from the Education menu.
In the Documents directory you will find 2 demo projects (demo.boris and demo2.boris), a coding map example (chimpanzee_face.boris_map) and 3 video files (in Videos directory).
Login information:
user: user (super user)
password: 12345678

BORIS archive

All previous versions of BORIS are available. Please note that the backward compatibility of a BORIS project is not guaranteed!

BORIS archive


You can download small videos to test BORIS on your system:


BORIS is developped entirely with open source software.

BORIS is developped in Python 3 using PyQt5 for the GUI.
The VLC Python binding is used to play media files.
The matplotlib is used for plotting events and generating the spectrogram.
The FFmpeg multimedia framework is used to extract media files parameters, in frame-by-frame mode and in spectrogram visualization.
The Tablib Python module is used to export data in TSV, CSV, ODS and XLS formats.
The Graphviz graph visualization software is used (optionally) to generate transitions graph.