How to report a bug

Please report any bug you will find in the latest BORIS version using the GitHub repository.

Prior to report a bug please:

Remember to indicate:

Give all the information that will allow to reproduce the bug: a detailed procedure, a screen recording, etc.

In case of crash please send me the files boris_error.log and boris.log generated in your home directory.


/home/YOUR_PROFILE_NAME/boris.log /home/YOUR_PROFILE_NAME/boris_error.log


c:\Users\YOUR_PROFILE_NAME\boris.log c:\Users\YOUR_PROFILE_NAME\boris_error.log


/Users/YOUR_PROFILE_NAME/boris.log /Users/YOUR_PROFILE_NAME/boris_error.log

If the bug is fixed remember to close the issue.

If you find BORIS useful you can give a star to the BORIS GitHub repository.