The video is playing but I can hear only the audio, the video player is not visible

This problem that occured after the migration to the new version (v. 7) is now fixed in v. 7.4.4.

Please upgrade and let me know if you have problem.

One or more widgets (ethogram, subject's list, event's list ...) are not visible during the observation

Right-click on the menu bar and reactivate the widget visualization.

if it does not work close BORIS and delete the BORIS configuration file.

After this you will have to reset all the parameters of Preferences (File > Preferences)

See the manual for the name and location of the configuration file on your system.

My video does not play (well) with BORIS

To be used with BORIS your video must play well with VLC media player because BORIS used the VLC libraries. The VLC libaries are embedded in BORIS executable versions (except for Linux).

If your video do not play with VLC, you can try to re-encode it.

You can use the embedded tool in BORIS. See Tools > Re-encode/resize video and the guide (http://boris.readthedocs.io/en/latest/#re-encoding-and-resizing-a-video-file)

For more parameters you can directly use the FFmpeg framework. Various graphic interfaces are available: QWinFF, HandBrake ...

If your video plays with VLC and not in BORIS you can contact me and send me your video.

The program crash under Ubuntu when I create a new observation

If VLC is preinstalled with the snap utility (check with snap list) you will have to uninstall it. Open a terminal and type:

   sudo snap remove vlc
   (your password will be required)

VLC must be reinstalled with the apt utility. Open a terminal and type::

   sudo apt install vlc
   (your password will be required)

On my Mac it is impossible to manage the dockwidgets

Use the v. >= 7.9 and lock the dockwidgets on the main window (see Tools > Lock dockwidgets)

Can BORIS automatically track my animals/individuals/objects?

No. For this feature you have to use a video tracking software like Ethovision XT (R) from Noldus, Traktor, idtracker.ai ...

You can also check my new project at a very early stage of development DORIS.

Why this program is called BORIS?

It is a tribute to Boris Vian