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Download BORIS for Microsoft-Windows

Please acknowledge and cite the use of this software and its authors when results are used in publications or published elsewhere:

Friard, O. and Gamba, M. (2016), BORIS: a free, versatile open-source event-logging software for video/audio coding and live observations. Methods Ecol Evol, 7: 1325–1330.


The version 7 of BORIS is available.

This version introduces various new features:

  • possibility to play up to 8 media simultaneously
  • usage of lower case keys to code behaviors, subjects and modifiers.
  • export the coded events for analysis with JWatcher
  • an improved exclusion matrix manager ...
  • A filter for coded events
  • ...

Please note that the projects created with v. 7 will NOT be compatible with versions older than v. 7

Please test and report any bugs and regression!

See the revision history for details:

The user guide is available at

This version include VLC and FFmpeg, is available in 32-bit or 64-bit versions.

BORIS for Windows Portable v.7.9.8

Portable means that no installation is required. Various BORIS versions may live together on your computer.

BORIS for Windows 64-bit Portable v.7.9.8

BORIS for Windows 32-bit Portable v.7.9.8

The Portable version do not need installation and can be also used from an USB drive. Just extract the archive and launch the boris.exe executable.

BORIS for Windows Setup v.7.9.8

BORIS for Windows 64-bit Setup v.7.9.8

BORIS for Windows 32-bit Setup v.7.9.8

The default install path is located in your home directory (for example c:\users\joe\BORIS)


If you are using an old version of Windows (<10) and have problem launching BORIS, you have to install the Update for Universal C Runtime in Windows See

BORIS debugging version v.7.9.8

BORIS for Windows 64-bit DEBUG v.7.9.8 (portable version - no installation required).

Extract the archive and launch the start_boris.bat file.

Use this version if you want to report bug. In this case you should include screenshots or a copy of the command prompt output.