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Download BORIS for MacOS

Please acknowledge and cite the use of this software and its authors when results are used in publications or published elsewhere:

Friard, O. and Gamba, M. (2016), BORIS: a free, versatile open-source event-logging software for video/audio coding and live observations. Methods Ecol Evol, 7: 1325–1330.


General information

BORIS v.8.20.3 is not yet available for MacOS

If you want to run v.8.20.3 on your MacOS you have various possibilities:

BORIS for MacOS v.7.13.9

A release of an old version of BORIS (v. 7.13.9) that is no more supported is available at

Download the DMG file.

The user guide of v. 7.13.9 is available at

This version includes the VLC libraries and the FFmpeg software and is available only in 64-bit version

64-bit BORIS for MacOS

If you have problems for lauching BORIS see Open a Mac app from an unidentified developer

This release was tested successfully on MacOS 10.14 (Mojave) and 11.0 (Big Sur).

Please note that some users reported some problems using BORIS in full-screen mode

You can lock the dockwidgets (except the players) on the main form. See Tools > Lock dockwidgets

See the revision history for details:

Please DO NOT send bug report if you are using the version 7.13.9 as it is no more maintained.