BORIS is a free and open-source software, and is released under the GNU General Public License.

The current version of BORIS is 7.13.8

Future version (v. 8)

An experimental release of the future main release of BORIS (v.8.6.5) is available for Linux and Windows.

The VLC media player was replaced by the MPV Media Player. Great improvements were made thanks to this, see version 8 for the details.

Current version (v. 7.13.8)

The user guide is available at . Feel free to contact me if you want to improve it.

Remember that it is EXTREMELY important to do regular backups of your project files to prevent the lost of data. Software can be reinstalled but your data could quite possibly be lost for ever.

Please acknowledge and cite the use of this software and its authors when results are used in publications or published elsewhere:

Friard, O. and Gamba, M. (2016), BORIS: a free, versatile open-source event-logging software for video/audio coding and live observations. Methods Ecol Evol, 7: 1325–1330.


If you find this software useful, please send me a nice postcard of the place where do you live.

Please note that the projects created with v. 7 will NOT be compatible with versions older than v. 7

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See the revision history for details:

All files are signed with GPG you can verify their integrity using my PGP public key.

Previous versions

All previous versions of BORIS are available in the BORIS releases archive or in the BORIS archive for versions prior to 2.99. Please note that the backward compatibility of a BORIS project is not guaranteed!

Test - video samples

You can download video samples to test BORIS on your system:

Bug report and feature request

Bug report

See the how to report a bug page.

Feature request

For suggestion and feature request please use the GitHub repository or eventually send me an e-mail.


BORIS is developed entirely with open source software.

BORIS is developped in Python 3.8 using PyQt5 for the GUI.
The VLC Python binding is used to play media files.
The Matplotlib python 2D plotting library is used for plotting events and generating the spectrogram.
The FFmpeg multimedia framework is used to extract media files parameters, in frame-by-frame mode and in spectrogram visualization.
The Tablib Python module is used to export data in TSV, CSV, ODS, XLSX, HTML and XLS formats.
The portion Python module is used in the Advanced event filtering function.
The Graphviz graph visualization software is used (optionally) to generate transitions graph.
The BORIS web site is made using Pelican static site generator and supported by GitHub.