Behavioral sequences analysis with permutations test

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(formerly BSA)

Researchers who observe and study behavior often collect data in the form of sequences of behavioral displays that they need to analyze and visualize to test hypotheses. Behatrix is free and open-source software available for GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

By using a flexible and efficient approach, Behatrix allows analyzing large sets of behavioral sequences and can organize data into contingency tables. The program can also perform permutations test and autonomously generate the code for a flow diagram representing the transitions between behaviors.

Behatrix can read data exported from BORIS (see Events as behavioral strings) and can also be used as a standalone program.


  • Behavioral sequences statistics
  • Observed transitions matrix
  • Generation of the Graphviz script from observed transitions
  • Flow diagram generation
  • Random permutations test (with multiprocessing module) with generation of the transitions significativity matrix
  • Flow diagram generation with transitions significativity
  • Behavioral sequences distances: Levenshtein distances and Needleman-Wunsch identities

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