My video do not play with BORIS

To be used with BORIS your video must play well with VLC media player because BORIS used the VLC libraries (embedded).

If your video do not play with VLC, you can try to re-encode it.

You can use the embedded tool in BORIS. See Tools > Re-encode/resize video and the guide (http://boris.readthedocs.io/en/latest/#re-encoding-and-resizing-a-video-file)

For more parameters you can directly use the FFmpeg framework. A GUI is available: QWinFF

If your video plays with VLC and not in BORIS you can contact me and send me your video.

Can BORIS automatically track my animals/individuals/objects?

No. For this feature you have to use a video tracking software like Ethovision XT (R) from Noldus.

Why this program is called BORIS?

It is a tribute to Boris Vian